~ Ammo


 I have a wide variety of outlets where I enjoy sharing my artwork; through social media, painting parties, commissioned pieces, art classes, Paint Your Pet Fundraisers, gallery exhibits, and art fairs.

I hope you enjoy viewing my galleries! If you are interested in purchasing a commissioned piece, please send me a message. If you would like more details about my painting classes and fundraising events, please visit my other website:



My name is Ammo, I am a Bay Area native, and the proud mother of an aspiring artist named Waylon. I graduated in 2010  from CSU Monterey Bay with a BA in Visual and Public Art. My passion for painting began 16 years ago when I decided to paint a mural on my bedroom wall. I specialize in painting pet portraits and custom shoes, but I find great pleasure working on larger commissioned projects for local businesses, such as window paintings and murals.